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 Hi everyone, I am Hiroto Sekine, who is representative of the Able Language Laboratories. I have more than 15 years of experience in private Japanese tuition in Christchurch in New Zealand. The site was established in 1996 to support our private students.

 Hence this site's primary targeted users are our private tuition students, from primary school pupils to university students, who live in Christchurch.

 However, we will give a hearty welcome to all those peoples, who are learning Japanese and/or interested in Japanese language. Although we can not reply to all questions regarding the site contents and/or general Japanese questions individually, we will answer as many common questions through the web site as we can.

 Finally, we will accept your constructive opinions or suggestions, such as obvious mistyping or wrong word usage, etc.

Enjoy Japanese learning!

What's New

  1. Site top page renewal has been done.
  2. The EXCEL edition Verb Inflection Analyzer service has been stopped. We will hopefully release more elaborated edition software in the future.