<< Introduction >> Able Japanese Laboratory utilizes the Internet for your Japanese learning. The following supporting software components are required on your local computing environment. All of the software can be installed free of charge (included some Evaluation Software). We recommend installing Step 1 to Step 6 order. Step 1-3 and 6 are essential components. Step 4, 5 are optional components.
<< Step 1: MS-IE Browser and the Components >>
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or above as HTML file viewer.
  2. Microsoft "Global IME 5.02 for Japanese with language pack" as Japanese Viewing and Generation components.
NB: These tools work under MS-IE environment only (ie.: Browser and E-mail).
<< Step 2: General Japanese Computing Tool >>
  1. Japanese Star (J-Star) as general Japanese character handling.
  2. Japanese <--> Chinese Text Converter (optional for your interest)
NB: This tool also requires Global IME 5.02(above) as Input Method Editor.
<< Step 3: Specific Document Browser >>
  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader as the browser for PDF format file.
  2. Adobe Japanese Language Font data to view Japanese with Acrobat Reader.
  3. DynaDoc Reader as the browser for WDL format file.
<< Step 4: Text-Editor with Powerful Macro >>
  1. MARUO Text-Editor (English Edition) as Japanese Text-Editor and Modifier.
  2. Auto HTML format file generator MACRO for MARUO Editor (autoHTML.mac)New V2.11R (00/07/23)
  3. Internet Browser reload MACRO for MARUO Editor (Reload.mac)
  4. How to use the MACRO program with MARUO Editor (howtomac.txt)
<< Step 5: Other Japanese Utilities >>
  1. Japanese Verb Inflection Analyzer (Excel Edition).
  2. Ruby insert MACRO for MARUO Editor (Rubyfuri.mac, advanced user).
  3. Auto Ruby display tool (External Software) -- This might requires Japanese IME98 and above.
  4. Japanese Sentence Structure Analyzer (Cyasen).
<< Step 6: General Useful Utilities >>
  1. WinZip Archiver Software to extract archived file named ZIP.
  2. LHA Archiver Software to extract archived file named LZH.
<< Step 7: Web based Japanese Tool >>
  1. Web based Japanese Verb Inflection Advisor (Multi-lingual Interface & Input Method)
  2. Web based Japanese Adjective Inflection Advisor (Multi-lingual Interface & Input Method)
  3. Web based Japanese Na-Adjective Inflection Advisor (Multi-lingual Interface & Input Method)
  4. Japanese Proofreading Service as Demonstration.
  5. Japanese Writer as KANJI writing instructor.
  6. Japanese - English, English - Japanese Dictionary (820,000 entries).
  7. Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Server
<< Further Information on Japanese Computing >>
  1. Additional information on Global Input Method Editor 5.02.

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