Appendix O: How Japanese Words can be modified by other Speech Words

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名  詞 動  詞 イ形容詞 ナ形容詞 副  詞 連 体 詞
連体詞 is a NOUN specialized word modifier. This is always used with another NOUN, and can not be used alone in the sentence.
Kanji Reading Meaning
修飾語 しゅうしょくご Word modifier
被修飾語 ひしゅうしょくご Modified word
意味 いみ Meaning
動詞 どうし Verb (V)
名詞 めいし Noun (N)
イ形容詞 イけいようし I-Adjective (Ai)
ナ形容詞 ナけいようし Na-Adjective (An)
副詞 ふくし Adverb (Ad)
連体詞 れんたいし Noun-Modifier (Ar)
ナ形容詞 can be called 「な・に名詞」 as well. Because the native forms (I.e. the dictuonary form. e.g. しずか:quiet) belong to NOUN.
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